Kartman Fire Protection utilizes the leading technologies in its installation and servicing of all of its fire alarm systems. We can design a system to comply with all the latest fire protection standards and codes for new or existing buildings. We are able to integrate with other building systems such as voice evacuation, card access control, camera and security systems.

As a full service company, Kartman Fire Protection also offers inspection and certification, preventive maintenance and service, and central station monitoring of your system.

We keep accurate up-to-date records of all your buildings annual due dates for certification and we call you in advance to schedule. We take care of all filing of certifications for L&I. We are licensed, insured and NICET certified.

Kartman Fire Protection offers 24 hour/7 days a week emergency service for all our clients.

Communication with our customers is important to us. If there is any information about our company that you cannot find at this site, or would like to know more about, please email us or call us at 610-789-7016.

Kartman Fire Protection is a Buckeye fire extinguisher distributor. We distribute a full line of U.L. listed portable fire extinguishers including but not limited to: ABC, CO2, Halotron 1 & Kitchen Rated Fire Extinguishers.

We also offer custom fire extinguisher cabinets and other safety equipment.

Kartman Fire Protection maintains a fleet of mobile service trucks that service all of your fire extinguishers on site. We also will be able to assit your company with department of transportation requirements (DOT).

We keep up-to-date records of due-dates of your fire extinguisher inspections and will notify your in advance to schedule the inspection. Our technicians are trained in the NFPA 10 and will make sure all of your buildings meet current code requirements.

A buildings emergency lighting and exit signs are critical elements in the total package of fire protection. Kartman Fire Protection installs emergency lighting systems for any size building. We also offer full service for your existing emergency lighting system.

Your emergency lighting system requires regular testing, maintenance and certifications. We keep up to date records of your buildings annual certification and we will call you in advance to schedule. We submit all certification documentation to L & I.

Kartman Fire Protection understands the new challenges in security issues that have become evident in the recent past. To meet today’s increased need for integrated security systems, we provide complete solutions that link access control, cameras, intrusion detection, fire protection and intercom systems. Our systems feature the latest technology.

Kartman Fire Protection is one of the leading providers of central station monitoring for fire alarms, security systems and elevators. We provide service to commercial, industrial, multifamily and institutional customers. Our UL listed central station monitors your property 24 hours a day with a trained professional staff.

We can provide service to any size building or business. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of protection for your property at competitive rates.